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See why I think that so many academic articles are such shite?

Non-marketers in digital marketing ... the cause of many a good rant from me.

The Digital Transformation ... my thoughts on the subject.

The e-Business Success Programme ... an ESF funded project delivered over 20 weeks in the summer of 2000.

A magazine article I wrote on m-Commerce ... in January 2001.

A simple explanation of blockchain.

... and on - my original website - around 500 pages pages of content on digital marketing ... inluding Alan's musings - many of which are from the early years of the industry. Indeed, reading through them - whether you agree with my opinion or not - will give you an idea of the 'history' of digital marketing. When reading through them I'm intrigued at just how much things have changed. But even more intrigued at how some things haven't changed.

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