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book cover Social Media Marketing: Marketing Panacea or the Emperor's New Digital Clothes? I'm proud of this one as I was invited to write it. The promo blurb from the publishers says the book is one of a series 'written by academic thought leaders'. 'Nuff said? It was published in 2018 ... read more.

book cover: digital marketing Retitled slightly ... Digital Marketing - a Practical Approach is the second edition of 'Internet Marketing' [below]. It came out in April 2014 ... read more.

book cover: internet marketing Internet Marketing - a Practical Approach came out in January 2009, and as its title suggests it takes an operational rather than strategic view of the subject ... read more.

book cover: internet marketing glossary A companion to Internet Marketing - a Practical Approach, A Glossary of Internet Marketing Terms, Phrases and Concepts is an easy-to-use guide to some of the vocabulary used in e-marketing ... read more.

book cover: key concepts in e-commerce Also published in 2007 was my first solo effort, Key Concepts in e-Commerce. This book was an extended version of the list of the key terms that I handed out in the many talks, seminars and training that I had delivered on the subject ... read more.

book cover: digital marketing Digital Marketing - a Practical Approach is the third edition in the series. For this 2018 version the content has been significantly re-worked to reflect changes in the discipline ... read more.

book cover: social media marketing An introduction to Social Media Marketing was one of the first academic text of its type on the subject - published in November 2014 ... read more.

book cover: online marketing My first book, co-authored with Richard Gay and with a contribution from Rita Esen, Online Marketing - a Customer-Led Approach was published in 2007 and - I think - met our objectives of it being a text for marketers, by marketers ... read more.

book cover: chossing the right domain name Choosing the Right Domain Name was nearly eight years in the writing. If there is a subject in which I might be considered an expert this is it. Giving advice on domain names is where I started in the online marketing trenches ... read more.

book cover: digital revolution Moving away from academic publishing, the Digital Revolution [published in November 2009] is part of Dorling Kindersley's Essential Managers series and took my work to a much wider audience ... read more.

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