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An Introduction to
Social Media Marketing

book cover: social media marketing. A book by Alan Charlesworth

As, I assume, is the case with the majority of writers of non-fiction books, the first task is to develop a framework for the content, that is, the chapters and the sub-sections of those chapters. For me, getting that right that is the hard part - filling in the content is the relatively easy part. With this book the framework (almost) developed itself - a list of the various elements that that make up the social media marketing mix. My problem was how I pitched that content. The original title of this text was: Strategic Social Media marketing. However, I felt that there were too many operational issues that impacted on effective social media marketing to ignore them and concentrate on strategy. So it is that the book has sections dedicated to strategic and operational aspects of social media marketing - though as you will find, there is often little to differentiate between where strategy stops and operations start. But isn't that always the case?

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This is a book on social media marketing - it is not a book on social media, nor is it a book on marketing per se. To get the best from this book the reader should be aware of - though not necessarily an expert in - common marketing theories, strategies and tactics. To spend time explaining aspects of marketing - segmentation, for example - within this book would be to diminish the focus on its titular subject area. The content is, therefore, driven by social media marketing applications rather than elements of traditional marketing - though naturally there is some commonality. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that each chapter will integrate elements of marketing within its subject area. For example, facets of the marketing mix are a constant throughout the book - as are issues associated with buyer behaviour, product/service, customer/consumer and market orientation. Other more strategic elements of marketing permeate the book. Relationship marketing, for example, is an inherent component - or objective - of many aspects of social media marketing.

Finally, whether you are a student, trainee, lecturer, trainer or practitioner, I hope you find this book useful. Note that I have refrained from wishing that you enjoy reading it. Although I have tried to make it easily readable, you should enjoy a John Grisham mystery or Robert Ludlum adventure whilst relaxing in a comfy chair or sun lounger. I have written this book not to entertain - but to help you achieve a professional or educational objective. Of course, if you do get pleasure from it, that is a bonus.

The book has its own website with updates and additions to the material.



Chapter 1 : Social Media: the what, why and how
Chapter 2 : Who uses what?
Chapter 3 : Social media and the digital transformation
Chapter 4 : Ownership and measurement
Chapter 5 : Social service and support
Chapter 6 : Social customer relationship management
Chapter 7 : Social media monitoring for market intelligence


Chapter 8 : Introduction
Chapter 9 : Management and staff
Chapter 10 : Viral Marketing and influencers
Chapter 11 : Blogging
Chapter 12 : Consumer reviews
Chapter 13 : Social networking and online communities
Chapter 14 : Social sharing
Chapter 15 : Social service and support
Chapter 16 : Real-time social media marketing
Chapter 17 : Event social media marketing
Chapter 18 : Online public relations and reputation management
Chapter 19 : Advertising on social media
Chapter 19 : Epilogue

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