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Although when I'm in self-promoting mode [hey, I'm a marketer] I say I have written ten books, in reality I have written nine and contributed to another. Online Marketing is the one to which I have contributed. That contribution consists predominantly of four complete chapters plus another chapter that was broken up in an early draft and the contents used elsewhere in the book. book cover: online marketing - a customer led approach

The lead author - Richard Gay - recruited me back in 2004 [yep, it takes that long for an academic text to get from writing to publication] and whether it was by luck or judgement my view towards an academic text on e-marketing was very similar to Richard's. It was Richard's original intention that the book would be written from a marketing perspective [hence the sub-title] - many of the early online marketing books were actually written by folk with a technical [rather than marketing] background. Not only was I in complete agreement on this, but we subsequently discovered that we shared a style of writing. Significantly, we both felt that empirical evidence and examples of best practice were just as valid in this text as were academic references.

This was my first experience of writing a book, and getting to know the ways of publishing was a steep learning curve - not least the time from first to final draft. The time element was significant for the subject we were covering. Being so dynamic and fast moving, there were times when I seemed to be updating my content on a weekly basis - and right up to the last days of the final draft I was tinkering with my chapters to make sure they were as up to date as possible.

Overall, despite the trials and tribulations, I like the book. Sure, there are things I would change but I guess all authors see potential improvements to their work. The most pleasing thing is, however, that we have met Richard's objective of the book being different to others on the market.

It is a book on Internet marketing that has
been written by marketers for marketers

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