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What the tweeting
use is Twitter?

Part II : would you want these tweets?

If you have read my musings so far you will know that I am sceptical about the use of Twitter as a marketing tool. To address this I have listed a few industies and markets that use Twitter and commented on them.

A mobile-app developer
I can see the benefit of this one - for those folk who are into mobile devices, tweets about new software and games would be welcomed.

A restaurant -
OK, hearing about cheap deals is good, but how often can you - or do you want to - dine out? Do you really want a tweet on this subject every evening?

Tourist / visitor information -
If I live in a city am I not aware of these things? Or am I interested in visiting them? And if I am going to visit a place on holiday surely I would plan that trip by other means than daily tweets?

Online computer shop -
I've bought a laptop, and it works fine. When I want new software or to replace it I will go to the Dell website. End of story - tweets would be of no interest to me.

Coupon distributor -
I can see the advantage in ths one - but the daily coupons would have to be relevent to me.

Niche cooking accessories -
Facebook maybe, but how engrossed in cake making [for example] do you have to be to want daily tweets?

A Theatre -
As with restaurants [above], how many times can I go to this theatre?

Offline department store -
Yep, if I lived near a branch this might be of interest - if the featured products were targeted.

Grocery retailer - on- and offline -
OK only if everyday items are included. Hearing, for example, about white or brown goods when I don't need them is pointless.

Clothes brand [eg men's shirts] -
How many shirts can a chap wear?

Mobile phone network provider -
How many phones can a chap use?

Online bookstore -
Well ... maybe, but how many books can a chap read?

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Note that these musings are the background to my book Social Media Marketing: marketing panacea or the emperors new digital clothes? published in 2018.

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