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The definitions on this site are from my book Key Concepts in e-Commerce published in 2007. The majority of the terms are still in use and the meanings accurate. However, some terms are no longer in use [treat them as a history lesson :-) ] and some have changed as technology - or how they are used - has changed with the passing years, and so I updated them. I have also added some new terms to those in the original book.

Oh ... and I changed the title from 'e-commerce' to 'digital marketing'.

This list serves as more than a glossary of terms. Certainly it can be used to 'dip-in' and find the meaning of a term you may have come across in the course of your work or study - but it can also be used as 'a guide to digital marketing'. Reading the glossary from start to finish will not only enlighten you with regard to the terms and phrases used in online marketing, but you will get a 'feel' of what the subject is about - how it is practised, and the environment in which it is practised. For example, there are nearly 40 entries under 'email' [from accreditation to white list] that give the reader an insight to what email marketing is, how it works, what are best practices - and where it can go wrong.

I think reading the original introduction from the book will enhance your experience of reading the through the definitions, but if you can't be bothered - just go straight to the glossary.

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