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Choosing the Right Domain Name:
a Marketing Perspective

all you need to know about domain names (and some you don't need to know, but is interesting anyway)


There are two main options when seeking to register a domain name:

1 Register it yourself using any one of the hundreds of online domain name 'registrars'. As with all services, quality and prices vary. If the service is very cheap there is probably a reason behind it. Choose a reputable organization. In the great scheme of marketing costs, even the most expensive are not exorbitant.

2 If professional services or consultants have been employed to develop your web presence, have the specialists register your name. Note however, that it is likely that they will simply use a registrar as described above.

Whichever you chose there is one vital issue to be aware of. Part of the registration process includes a section that requires details of the registrant - effectively who is the owner. Make sure that is listed as you (be that as an individual or organizational entity). It is not unknown for unscrupulous operators - both registrars and service providers - to list themselves and not their clients (see also chapter 1.01).

A further consideration is one of ignorance or unintentional action that has no malice but can be just as problematic. I have come across a number of examples where the employee tasked with registering a name has - innocently - listed themselves as owner. Several years down the line that employee has moved on - and you have a problem.

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