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Some useful websites on digital
marketing that are worth a look

This is a list of the websites I use for my research and to keep me up to date with what's happening in the world of Internet marketing. I cannot recommend any one as a single source of information. Most have back-catalogues of previous articles listed by subject.

As many draw articles from multiple sources there is an element of repetition, particularly in the daily newsletters. I subscribe to most of their newsletters - but this can overload your email inbox, particularly as many come out on a daily basis. This is OK if you read them every day - but it is easy to get a backlog!

Note that this review is my own opinion, you may form different views - so it is worth taking a look and making your own judgement. These are presented alphabetically - and not in any order of quality / preference.

* - check out the best practice library then sign up for the newsletter - they each feature an example of good or bad practice from websites around the world.

* This website has been around for a while and covers many aspects of the subject - a must for digital marketing specialists.

* Research, information, training and events on best practice for digital marketing.

* The email stat center - if you want some stats on any aspect of email marketing, this is where to find them.

* eMarketer sign up for their 'eMarketer Daily' newsletter. Short and to the point - and usually research based - it helps you stay in touch with current trends.

* In his subject area - website content - Gerry McGovern is the man.

* Internet Retailing Obviously this concentrates on B2C sales, but it has some very good stuff.

* Internet Archive's wayback machine - more interesting than useful, but it is an education [of sorts] to look at how websites have evolved [or not!].

* Internet World Stats - free up to date worldwide Internet Usage and population statistics.

* Excellent e-marketing content. Note however, the terminology used and models / theories quoted means that the articles are mainly for readers with a background in marketing.

* Pewinternet The Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project has a back catalogue of some very good 'practical' research.

* Search Engine Land If you sign up to the daily 'SearchCap' newsletter [as I do] you could find yourself swamped in useful information - though the site does have an archive search facility if you want to look for something specific.

* Bow down to the God of usability - this is Jakob Nielsen's website. He's been my hero since he declared frames to useless back in 1996[ish] - he re-affirmed his position in late 2000 when he pronounced 'Flash' as being 99% bad. My kind of guy. Some outstanding free stuff, but the site is commercial and the in-depth stuff is on a fee basis.

* webmarketingtoday The editorial policy of this site says that it is there ' help smaller, local businesses grow and prosper ... with easy-to-follow articles, podcasts, and newsletters' - which says it all.

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