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Please note that most of these musings date back a good few years ... so please bear that in mind when you are reading them. Some of the examples might be a bit dated - but the basic message remains the same. Indeed, you might find some of these views more interesting because they are 'dated'.

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What is digital marketing: a definition.

The research findings presented in why people use social media pretty much match similar research I've conducted.

Something that has rankled with me for a while, but has become more of an issue of late is non-marketers in digital marketing.

Despite the assurances of evangelists of - and those selling - online advertising, I'm still to be convinced. Here are a few examples of badly targeted ads that have appeared on my PC/iPad/phone screens.

Those who know me already appreciate that I hold many academic papers in low regard, see why I think that so many academic articles are such shite.

Technology versus the human touch - what [Internet] technology can do continues to amaze me, but in e-marketing some human input is still essential.

Anyone who has read any of my books or attended any of my talks, seminars or lectures will know I take a very firm - and opinionated - stance on the role of IT department - i.e. computer scientists - in website development. Read about it in what is it about me and 'IT'.

Websites made easy considers how easy it is to get website development wrong.

I talk about this in all of my sessions and it is in two of my books, so now it is online as well ... what is the website development dream team?

It's in a book - so it must be true. In the same vein - who do you believe academic or practitioner?

What's in a name? - is it Internet, online, digital or 'e' marketing. And do you favour e-business or e-commerce - or are they just the same thing? See what I have to say - e-commerce, e-business, e-marketing, Internet marketing - what are they?

I say that there is nothing new in marketing on the web - read what I mean by the statement.

For those who think that my scepticism towards the value of marketing on social media is recent, check these out - they were written around 10 years before I published Social Media Marketing: marketing panacea or the emperors new digital clothes?.
I've never been convinced by 'twitter' as a marketing tool. See what I've got to say in what the tweeting use is Twitter?. Furthermore, I wonder what's the return on investment on tweeting?. Having raised the issue with regard to Twitter - I've taken a look at what's the ROI on using Facebook as a medium for marketing.

A few words on registering a personal domain name.

Behavioural marketing - new? I don't think so.

Art [the human touch] vs Science [technology].

What is social media marketing: a definition.

I'm not a big fan of integrated marketing communications, read my critique of the subject.

What is creative negativity in a business context?.

Read why I'm becoming a bit of an anti-digital-marketing digital marketer.

My analysis-come-history of what is online retail? is one of the most visited pages on this website.

It's a phrase I use all the time with regard to marketing, and it is particularly relevant to website design - but what do I mean when I say when you're inside the bottle, you can't read the label?

I say that not all products are suitable for online transactions - live with it, e-marketing is not for every organization.

My review on some reviews ... citizen journalism : the good, the bad and the subjective of online car reviews.

A job ad which typifies what is [still] wrong with digital marketing.

Helping the buyer to buy - where did I get this notion from?

Behavioural marketing - new? I don't think so.

We hold these truths to be self-evident - the Declaration of Independence meets Internet marketing.

It is one of those urban myths that it is easy to register a domain name for GBP10 and sell it later for millions [it is possible, but the odds are about the same as winning the lottery] or that you can have websites on domains that are similar to 'real' names and make a fortune from the advertising. Well, you can - but take a look at what is domaining? before you decide on it as your career path.
Update 2018: Google has now pretty much out-lawed this practice by penalizing it in the search algorithm. However, the article is worth reading so that you can spot any similar practice. So-called 'content' marketing sometimes uses a similar concept - particularly when performed by affiliate marketers.

More than a musing - this is a paper I have written - free publicity - you can't give it away.

s-commerce - the latest retail experience?

Googling customers - could you check-out your customers on a search engine in order to offer a better service - a kind of 'personalization by search'.

What is wrong with e-[digital] marketing?.

This page was first published on this domain in April 2018 ... but some content is much older and some newer.
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